What Kind Of Fertilizer Is Good?

- Apr 19, 2020-

What is foliar fertilizer?

Foliar fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer that can be sprayed directly on the leaf surface for the leaf surface to absorb

But what kind of crop can achieve the best effect by using foliar fertilizer?

The foliar fertilizer is sprayed onto the foliar surface. After the foliar surface absorbs nutrients, it begins to circulate to the stems of the crops, and from the stems to the complete plant

Therefore, the foliar fertilizer can be applied to crops with hypertrophic leaves, its absorption can be maximized, and the absorption time is also the shortest

Foliar fertilizer can also be used as top dressing, supplementary fertilizer use later.


What is water soluble fertilizer?

Water-soluble fertilizers, as the name suggests, are water-soluble fertilizers. Fertilizer that can be applied with water.

The water-soluble fertilizer is applied with water, absorbed by the root system, and then circulated to the whole body of the crop, and many water-soluble fertilizers on the market can improve the soil.

The value of this fertilizer is higher than the value of foliar fertilizer, but the effect is not comparable to foliar fertilizer.


The other one is the most common big chemical fertilizer in the house. What kind of fertilizer is this?

Large chemical fertilizers are granular, semi-melt fertilizers

This fertilizer is evolved from generation to generation and is also one of the most common fertilizers.

The value of this fertilizer is relatively high, the fertilizer effect is relatively single

The disadvantage is that most fertilizers are not recommended for common use. Easy to damage the soil.