What Are The Advantages Of Corn Steep Liquor Powder Compared With Corn Steep Liquor

- Sep 19, 2019-

Corn steep liquor powder is fresh corn steep liquor as raw material by the low temperature transient heating spray drying, and its water soluble protein well-preserved, keep all the features of the corn steep liquor, heating steam heating, this product without impurities, no coking phenomenon of corn steep liquor is microbial growth is widespread application of organic nitrogen source, also can promote the biosynthesis of penicillin and other antibiotics.

But what's the difference between corn steep liquor powder and corn steep liquor?

Because liquid corn steep liquor uneven, poor stability, very easy to precipitate, summer is more prone to bacterial deterioration and lead to the loss of its effective components or insufficient, thus affecting the stability of fermentation.Compared with corn steep liquor , the advantages of corn steep liquor powder are: the inherent quality of corn steep liquor powder is the same as corn steep liquor, is less than 10% water content of the powder solid, easy to transport, storage and use, the product is not easy to deteriorate, easy to use.The yield and quality of the products are stable, and the corn steep liquor is not convenient to transport, store and use because it is packaged in a liquid VAT. Because of the high content of protein and trace elements, it is easy to ferment and deteriorate when the temperature is slightly higher, which affects the use effect.