Water Soluble NPK Compound Fertilizer

- Jun 02, 2020-

CSL is a series of rich and balanced compound fertilizers suitable for soil and soilless cultivation of greenhouse crops. It is suitable for nitrogen fertilizers with different qualities of water and foliar application. The product is also rich in various micronutrients.Has high water solubility.


The role of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in CSL:

Nitrogen is an important part of the protein and nucleic acid, protein nitrogen content of above to 7%, nitrogen deficiency metabolic processes blocked, and nitrogen is plant life elements. Meanwhile, nitrogen is also an important part of the chlorophyll vitamins, respectively, reference to a regulatory role in photosynthesis and life activities.

Phosphorus is an important component of many enzymes, phosphorus promote the growth and development of plants (especially root) to improve photosynthesis, promote organic synthesis and operation, improve crop drought resistance, cold tolerance, and promote flowering strong, early to mature and improve fruit quality.

Potassium is activators which plant variety of enzymes, it can promote the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, and potassium to promote the synthesis of carbohydrates and transport, improve plants lignin, cellulose and starch content, promote stalk tenacity, and improve lodging resistance to promote the operation of carbohydrates to the roots, tubers or seeds to improve the production.