Water Soluble Fertilizer

- Aug 10, 2019-



Corn steep liquor is a water-soluble fertilizer mainly composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, completely dissolved in water, used for drip fertigation and sprinkler fertilization. Because the corn steep liquor is well water-soluble, and the method of use is simple and convenient to use, it is widely used in the world.

The corn steep liquor also contains all the nutrients needed for crop growth, such as N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S and other trace elements and trace elements such as Zn and Mn. The fertilizer utilization rate is almost the same as that of conventional compound chemical fertilizers (in China, the fertilizer utilization rate of common compound fertilizer is only 30%-40%). This kind of water-soluble fertilizer water is a quick-acting fertilizer that allows growers to see the effect and performance of the fertilizer faster, and adjust the fertilizer formula according to the different growth of the crop at any time.

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With the introduction of the national zero-growth strategy for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, high utilization rate is the development direction of the fertilizer industry, and water-soluble fertilizer is the most dazzling star among chemical fertilizers. The battlefield for future water-soluble fertilizers will also shift from high content to versatility.

First, the function and efficacy of water-soluble fertilizers have been greatly expanded. The water-soluble fertilizer produced by using plant extracts is to be able to add more amino acids, vitamins, sugar alcohols and the like which promote crop growth and improve crop resistance, while ensuring product stability and use effects. Whether it is solid water soluble fertilizer or liquid water soluble fertilizer, the combination of advanced raw materials and advanced production technology can make the best combination of various elements in the fertilizer, on the one hand, the absorption and utilization of various elements are greatly improved, on the other hand, each added A new type of substance can play a supporting role in stimulating crop growth, improving the soil environment, and preventing various diseases.

Second, the form of water-soluble fertilizers tends to be diversified. By using advanced raw materials and advanced processes, water-soluble fertilizers are not limited to solid (particles, powders) types, and liquid (clear, suspension) products can be produced according to unused purposes. The production process and production technology of liquid water soluble fertilizer are higher than the solid state requirements. The solid water soluble fertilizer is stable in nature and convenient for long-distance transportation; the liquid water soluble fertilizer is unstable in nature, but has good uniformity and is easy to use. It is worth noting that the new all-water-soluble fertilizer produced by the new process and high-grade raw materials has a more uniform particle size, a certain fragrance and no irritating ammonia smell compared with the ordinary water-soluble fertilizer.

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