Three Kinds Of Corn That Affect The Quality Of Corn Steep Liquor Powder?

- Mar 12, 2020-


The use of corn steep liquor powder is very wide. If the improper operation during the production process or the wrong place in the storage process will lead to the deterioration of csl powder, three kinds of corn that affect the quality of corn steep powder during the production process To know:

1, the impact of corn varieties

There are many varieties of corn, and the varieties of corn produced in the northern and southern regions of China are also different. Therefore, in different growth environments and climates, the chemical composition of corn will be affected, and finally the quality of corn slurry dry powder will be affected.

2.Maize with long worms and high mildew rate during storage period

The soaking solution obtained by using such corn as raw material has dark color and odor, and the strength of this corn skin is weak, and some soluble substances are easily dissolved in the soaking water, so that the proportion of soluble protein, starch, reducing sugar, etc. is higher than that of normal soaking water. The soluble protein, starch, and reducing sugar ratios are increased compared to the normal immersion water, while the SO2 concentration and acidity are low, which brings great difficulties to evaporation, the foam is easy to scale, and the evaporator production capacity is significantly reduced. During production, HCI has to be used to adjust the pH, add soybean oil or defoam, increase the time and number of pickling equipment, which not only increases the operating cost, but also dissolves phosphorus in the finished product, the protein content is abnormal, and the acidity is low. Mycelium grows slowly and abnormalities in the titer and components of antibiotics appear.

3, more over-cooked grains are dried

Due to the denaturation of the protein in this corn endosperm, soluble proteins are difficult to separate from the starch particles in the endosperm; in addition, its seed coat is weak in elasticity, has lost its semi-permeable membrane, and has less nutrient dissolution. Using this corn as a raw material, The quality and yield of corn slurry dry powder are greatly reduced.

The use of corn steep liquor powder is very strict. It is used for feed and fertilizer for various special purposes, so the quality is very important.