The Role Of Organic Matter In Corn Steep Liquor Powder

- May 05, 2020-

Organic matter is an important part of the soil. It includes various animal and plant residues in the soil, microbial organisms, and various organic substances that decompose and synthesize, that is, it is composed of two parts of organic matter, living and non-living. It is a source of nutrients and energy required for the life activities of plants and microorganisms. The content of organic matter in corn steep liquor powder is as high as 60% or more, and it is an indispensable organic fertilizer for crop growth.


● Supply crop nutrients.

● Improve the effectiveness of soil nutrients. Organic acids produced during the decomposition of organic matter can increase the solubility of certain minerals, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

● Improve soil physical properties. Increasing the soil organic matter content can make the sand tight and the clay loose, and the water permeability, water storage and aeration of the soil have changed.

● Enhance soil fertility and buffering. The soil humus is loose and porous, can absorb a lot of water, and at the same time can absorb various ionic nutrients, effectively reducing the loss of available nutrients.