The Role Of Corn Steep Liquor Powder In The Growth Of Crops

- Apr 23, 2020-

Use high-quality corn steep liquor powder. Before use, the corn steep liquor is removed, washed, then steam cooled and spray dried. Then crush the chunks with a crusher, then screen and pack. CSL powder has a higher organic matter content and a certain amount of beneficial microorganisms, which is beneficial to improve the utilization rate of the product's nutrients and promote the release of soil nutrients. It is the basis of new commercial organic fertilizer.

Corn steep liquor powder is an organic fertilizer rich in organic matter, which can provide the nutrients needed for crop growth, and can fertilize and improve the soil. Its role is as follows:

1) Provide nutrients needed by crops. Organic fertilizers are rich in nutrients needed for crop growth, and energy continues to provide food for crops. Providing nutrients is the basic feature of organic fertilizers and their main role.

2) Improve soil structure and soil fertility. Improve soil organic matter content, renew soil humus composition, and make soil fertile. The organic fertilizer applied to the soil is decomposed into a single compound under the action of microorganisms, and recombined into a new, more complex and relatively stable soil-specific polymer polymer organic compound through biochemical action. humus. Humus is a stable organic substance in the soil and plays an important role in soil fertility.

3) Improve soil biological activity and stimulate crop growth. Organic fertilizer is the main source of microbial energy and nutrition. The application of organic fertilizer is conducive to soil microbial activities and promotes the growth and development of crops. The metabolic products of microorganisms not only contain inorganic nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also contain various amino acids, microorganisms, hormones and other substances, which have a great influence on the growth and development of plants.

      4) Improve interpretation and purify the soil environment. Organic fertilizer can increase the replacement of soil cations, increase the adsorption of most heavy metals, effectively reduce the toxicity of heavy metal ions to crops and prevent them from entering plants.