The Harm Of Fake Corn Gluten Meal

- Jul 18, 2018-

When true corn gluten meal is wet corn starch or corn syrup, raw corn to remove starch, germ and corn after the rest of the product, its view is golden yellow, with roasted corn flavor, and has a special smell of corn fermentation, protein 60% and more than 50% of the two specifications, general routine detection of appearance, moisture.

Crude protein, such as three indicators, and amino acids and lutein detection of low probability. The counterfeit molecule is the use of conventional detection deficiencies (loopholes) to make fake corn protein powder, the general fake composition of protein, corn flour, small rice noodles, pigments and a small amount of true corn egg white. Their role: the use of dyed yellow protein sperm (urea-formaldehyde polymers) to impersonate crude protein, with small rice flour and corn powder when filling, plus a small amount of true corn protein powder, according to the quality requirements of feed factory, adjust the proportion, you can produce different specifications of the inferior corn protein powder, to a lower price sold to feed factory, shoddy, real , resulting in a substantial decline in feed quality.