The Future Development Trend Of Corn Steep Liquor

- Sep 10, 2019-


Corn Steep Powder (CSP) is a fine, yellow to yellow-brown water-soluble powder that is spray dried from corn steep liquor (CSL). Corn Steep liquor is a concentrated liquid that is extracted from the water used in the early stages of corn wet milling. This brown to brown liquid is denser than water and has a pH of 3.5 - 4.5. Since it contains 40% to 60% water soluble corn solids, it has a variety of nutrients. CSL contains nitrogen, macronutrients and vitamins in the form of amino acids and peptides. Because of this, it is particularly useful as a component of microbial growth media, or it can be combined with gluten to form an animal feed supplement. .

Corn Steep Liquor is also the main competitor of organic fertilizer. The product is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Corn Steep Liquor is the most ideal method for organic agriculture because it contains free nitrogen that plants absorb at any time, which helps plants to grow and develop rapidly.

The corn steep liquor powder obtained by spray drying is a fine, yellow to yellowish brown water-soluble powder. It has the advantage of being easy to store and transport while keeping the original ingredients unchanged.

Some speculate that the global Corn Steep Liquor (CSL) market will dominate the global economy at a strong growth rate in the next few years. Rapidly evolving industrial infrastructure, increasing levels of product commoditization, and the accompanying flow of corn steep liquor (CSL) demand are strengthening the foothold of the corn steep liquor (CSL) industry, making it more influential and generating revenue internationally. Make an important contribution.