Corn steep liquor powder is a much better choice.

- Jul 25, 2020-

Corn steep liquor powder is a kind of dry powder with fast dissolving speed, stable fermentation and high microbial utilization.


Corn steep liquor powder  for transfer  was used to prepare corn steep powder for rotation (high nitrogen).

The protein content of corn steep liquor powder  was more than 43.0%.

The "production technology of  corn steep powder" is different

The selection of fine corn steep liquor was carried out by spray drying after impurity removal and decolorization, thereby reducing the influence of impurities and pigments on Extraction and refining in the later stage of fermentation engineering. Its characteristics are as follows: superfine particle size (100 mesh); instant dissolution; low infection rate;  less coking (less carbonization); high bioavailability; good extraction in the later stage. Welcome to call exchange, try!

Corn steep liquor is prepared by "special pretreatment: removing impurities and pigment", which can reduce the influence of impurities and pigments on microbial growth and metabolism, thus stabilizing the randomness and volatility of fermentation, and reducing the difficulty of product extraction in the later stage. It is especially suitable for fermentation of genetically engineered bacteria with high requirements. If the Corn steep liquor is dried at low temperature, the  corn steep liquor powder can be made. 

The traditional Corn steep liquor is the byproduct of the starch factory, which is the leftover material of the starch factory. This kind of corn pulp is actually the "sewage" of the starch factory. The quality is unstable and the fermentation fluctuates greatly. If you use this kind of Corn steep liquor, it is normal for fermentation to have problems......

If you are engaged in the high-end fermentation project of high-value-added fermentation products, instead of causing losses due to frequent fluctuations, you may as well use corn syrup dry powder.