Quality Problems Of Corn Steep Liquor

- Jul 18, 2018-

corn steep liquor is the essence of corn, nutrition is extremely rich, especially rich in a variety of amino acids and inorganic salts and vitamins and other substances. are rare and cheap microbial fermentation nutrients, according to the user's use of different, often put forward a number of special requirements, corn slurry producers should be appropriate to adjust the process to meet user requirements.

The high protein content of corn steep liquor indicates that the content of dry matter protein in corn slurry is almost linear with lactic acid content, the content of lactic acid is more than 12% and protein content is more than 40%. If some test data show that lactic acid content is 12. 51%, the protein content is 44. 37%; lactic acid content is 13. 91%, the protein content is 46. 65%; lactic acid content is 18. 74%, the protein content is 47.  80%. T,v ' measures to improve the content of lactic acid in corn pulp: Reduce the impregnation of sulfite so content and reduce the impregnation temperature, prolong the impregnation time, adhere to the countercurrent circulation, and, if necessary, pour the old corn slurry of the quick-release tank into the newly-fed 第2-3 tank, or cultivate the lactic acid bacteria to join.