New Feed Additive After Eliminating Antibiotics

- Aug 28, 2018-

Overview of antibiotics:

With the rapid urbanization and rising income levels, the demand for animal protein is increasing, which has led to the transformation of breeding technology and animal production systems from extensive farming to intensive farming. However, high-density animal production operations can increase the incidence of disease. Therefore, in order to prevent disease, livestock and poultry are often fed with some antibiotics. These antibiotics are widely used at low levels for disease prevention and increase the rate of growth of animals, so the production of meat, milk and eggs is a concern. The higher the frequency with which antibiotics are used in daily operations, the faster the natural development of resistance. The resistant bacteria can then spread into the environment and enter the food supply chain. In turn, these resistant strains cause human disease and put humans and animals at risk.

Global health issues:

Antibiotic resistance is a global health problem. The consensus of global experts is that the use of antibiotics related to drugs important in human medicine to prevent or promote animal growth is dangerous and unscientific, and is prohibited by the government.

Emerging opportunities to replace antibiotics:

As the market puts tremendous pressure on the balance between high-yielding animals and reduced use of antibiotics, livestock and poultry producers are looking for new alternatives that offer the same benefits. Functional feed additives have generated considerable interest over the years as they improve performance by maintaining a healthy intestinal environment, optimal microbial balance in early life, and a solid foundation for preventing colonic colonization of intestinal pathogens. These alternatives, such as plant extracts, enzymes, probiotics, organic acids, etc., maximize livestock health and growth.


about us:

At JUCI, it is believed that the use of antibiotics in animal production systems can be greatly reduced by a holistic approach. The versatility of JUCI products allows feed producers to significantly reduce the use of antibiotics while ensuring their protection against pathogens remains strong. At the same time, JUCI recommends the use of holistic animal management methods (such as appropriate treatment, strict control of antimicrobials, early clinical and microbiological diagnosis, and implementation of strict animal production standards) to reduce AMR in animal and human health.