Modern Agricultural Development Trend

- May 31, 2019-

Modern agriculture has a high overall productivity, including high land yields and labor productivity. Agriculture has become an industry with high economic efficiency and market competitiveness, which is the most important indicator to measure the development level of modern agriculture. So what is the trend of modern agriculture?


Agricultural development itself is sustainable and has a good regional ecological environment. Widely adopt production technologies and production models such as ecological agriculture, organic agriculture, and green agriculture to achieve sustainable use of water resources, land and other agricultural resources, and achieve a virtuous circle of regional ecology. Agriculture itself has become a good recyclable ecosystem.

Through the analysis of the development trend of modern agriculture, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, with the continuous strengthening of the policies of strong farmers, farmers and rich peasants, the reform of key areas and key links in rural land systems, property rights systems, agricultural management systems, etc. The material basis and policy conditions supporting the development of modern agriculture are more solid. Agriculture is expected to continue to maintain a stable development trend under the joint effect of the policy of benefiting farmers, the power of technological progress, and the vitality of rural reform. The production capacity of important agricultural products will gradually increase.

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At the same time, the negative impacts of resource overdrafts and environmental pollution caused by years of continuous increase in production will accelerate, and the strings of agricultural resources will become more and more tight, and the rapid growth of agricultural output on high bases will become more difficult. Land fallow, soil remediation, etc. will lead to the partial withdrawal of production capacity, the area planted with agricultural products will be reduced, and the growth rate of production will also decline.

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Among the factors that promote the improvement of agricultural production capacity, the substitution of technology and capital for labor, and the substitution of social services for family labor will become more and more obvious. The application of high-tech in the field of agriculture, such as Internet of Things, molecular breeding and advanced equipment manufacturing. It will be more extensive, and the level of agricultural standardization and informatization will be gradually improved. At the same time, the new agricultural socialization service system will be more perfect, and the outsourcing of agricultural production links and land custody will become an important trend, and the degree of agricultural organization will continue to increase.