JUCI Product Corn Steep Liquor Powder Organic Compound Fertilizer

- Apr 16, 2020-


The organic fertilizer additives produced by Juci not only contain the large and trace elements necessary for plants, but also are rich in organic matter, which can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also have a long fertilizer effect. Long-term application can increase and renew soil organic matter and promote microbial reproduction. Improving the physical and chemical properties and biological activity of soil is the main nutrient for green food consumption.
The products produced by Juci: corn steep liquor powder, organic matter up to more than 60%, the product raw material is taken from non-genetically modified corn, without any chemical addition, green and environmental protection. Corn steep liquor powder also contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, with a total content of more than 25%. In addition, it also contains a variety of trace elements and medium elements.Is a new type of compound fertilizer that has risen in recent years.

The product produced by Juci Bio: corn steep liquor powder, is an environmentally friendly, ecological fertilizer, no pollution to the environment, safe and efficient.

1. The raw material is corn, organic, fertilizer genetically modified, green and environmentally friendly.
2. The survival rate of microorganisms in the soil is very high, and the nutrition is rich.
3. High organic matter and protein, balanced nutrition.
4. Promote the vigorous root system and make the crop enter a benign growth cycle.
5. Reduce diseases and insect pests, and enhance the disease resistance of crops.
6. Improve the quality of agricultural products and increase production and income.
Juci compound fertilizer contains a variety of functional microorganisms that enter the soil and produce a large number of metabolites during the growth and reproduction process. These products can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure. The composition of the granule structure makes the soil loose and soft, the performance of water and fertilizer retention is enhanced, water, air and heat are more harmonious, the soil compaction is reduced, which is conducive to water retention, fertilizer retention, aeration and promotion of root development, providing a warm growth environment for crops .

The role of Juci organic compound fertilizer in agricultural consumption is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. Improving soil and improving fertility After organic fertilizers are applied to the soil, organic matter can effectively improve the physical and chemical conditions and biological characteristics of the soil, mature the soil, and strengthen the soil's fertilizer and fertilizer supply to buffer the talent, and invent good soil conditions for the growth of crop .
2. Increase output and quality. Organic fertilizers contain rich organic matter and various nutrients to provide nutrition for crops. After the organic fertilizer decomposes, it provides energy and nutrients for soil microbial activities, promotes microbial activities, accelerates the synthesis of organic matter, and produces active substances that can promote the growth of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products
3. The organic fertilizer contains many nutrients but the relative content is low, and the release is slow, while the chemical fertilizer has high nutrient content, few ingredients, and fast release. The two are reasonably coordinated in application and complement each other. The organic acid produced by organic matter synthesis can also promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients in soil and fertilizer. Organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer promote each other, which is conducive to crop absorption and improves the application rate of fertilizers.