Juci Corn Shares With You The New Technology Of Making Corn Steep Liquor Powder

- Apr 09, 2020-

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In the process of producing corn steep liquor powder, we soak corn to obtain a by-product called corn steep liquor. It can provide a large amount of nitrogen source, but also contains amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, soluble sugars and a small amount of metal salts. Because corn steep liquor is packed in large liquid drums, it is inconvenient to transport, store, and use. Due to the high content of protein and trace elements, it is easy to ferment and deteriorate when the temperature is slightly higher, which affects the use effect.

Corn steep liquor powder can retain all the characteristics of corn syrup without affecting the use. The internal quality is the same as corn syrup, but the water content is less, and the product is free of impurities and coking. phenomenon. Since the product is a powdered solid, it is easy to transport, store and use, and the product is not easily degraded and easy to use. However, when the corn syrup is directly dried by a spray dryer on the market, the dried corn syrup powder easily absorbs water or even agglomerates, which affects normal production.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the new adopted technical solution is: the corn steep liquor powder spray drying system includes a drying box, an atomizer is provided on the top of the drying box, and the liquid storage box is connected with the drying box. The atomizer passes through pipes and valves. The upper side of the oven is equipped with a di-1 air inlet, the lower side is equipped with an air outlet, and the lower part is equipped with a material outlet. The inner wall of the oven is also equipped with a di-1-2 air inlet with screws. There are multiple holes on the inlet of di-2, the lower part of the drying box is inverted conical structure, and the outer wall is equipped with multiple electric vibrators. The blower of the drying box is connected with the heater, and is connected with the first air inlet pipe and the second air inlet pipe through the pipe. The air outlet of the drying box is connected with the upper inlet of the cyclone separator through a pipeline. The top of the cyclone separator is provided with an air outlet, and the bottom is provided with an air outlet.