Juci Corn Introduces Csl Powder And Its Requirements For The Origin Of Raw Material Soil

- Apr 26, 2020-


Corn steep liquor powder is extracted from organic non-GMO corn. This powder is 100% water soluble and is listed on OMRI. It is an ideal source of foliar or dripping organic fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer or liquid fertilizer.

The corn steep liquor powder does not have strict requirements on the soil of raw corn. China's black soil, meadow soil, yellow soil and red soil can grow corn. However, due to the large root system of corn, it requires a lot of nutrients and water. In order to ensure high and stable yields, deep soil, strong water retention, strong fertilizer retention, and rich organic matter are needed. The nature of the soil affects the soil's humidity, temperature, and air conditions. Generally, the soil with dense texture is dense and poorly ventilated. Spring temperatures rise slowly, but water retention and fertility are strong. Although the loose sandy soil has good aeration, the spring temperature rises quickly, which is beneficial to the growth of seedlings, but its ability to retain water and fertilizer is poor.