Influencing Factors Of Organic Fertilizer Production In China

- Jul 18, 2020-

A variety of materials can be used as organic fertilizers, such as animal manure, agricultural waste, industrial by-products, domestic waste, and other municipal waste. Since 2004, the demand for organic fertilizers has been steadily increasing, so the organic fertilizer market is also expanding.

In addition to agricultural policies, there are other factors that can promote the development of the organic fertilizer market. Organic agriculture promotes the organic fertilizer market, and industrial by-products and municipal solid waste provide a lot of raw materials for organic fertilizer.


Organic agriculture is a new type of agricultural system that relies on organic fertilizers such as compost and green manure. The development of organic agriculture has solved a series of agricultural problems, such as agricultural waste disposal, pesticide pollution and soil quality degradation.

Rice, wheat, corn and soybeans are the main crops in China. So many food crops will produce a lot of agricultural waste, such as rice husks, straw, straw, which are important basic raw materials for organic fertilizers, and have been widely used in China's organic fertilizer market.

On the one hand, organic agriculture has increased the demand for organic fertilizers and promoted China's organic fertilizer market. In addition, it also provides a lot of raw materials for organic fertilizer production.


Livestock and animal excrement are one of the major contributors to China's agricultural industry. Animal manure, such as chicken manure and pig manure, is usually considered waste and can be converted and used in the organic fertilizer market for crop production. Animal waste contains most of the elements needed for plant growth, including N, P, K and other trace elements. It has become the most commonly used basic material for organic fertilizers and can be easily obtained from dairy farms, farms and other sources.


Industrial waste and by-products. The main industries of manufacturing include auto parts, textiles, food processing, transportation, medical products, toys, etc. Many industrial factories have brought huge economic benefits to China, and also produced various industrial wastes and by-products. However, most of these industrial by-products are widely used in organic fertilizers and have promoted China's organic fertilizer market.