Identification Method Of Corn Gluten Meal

- Jul 18, 2018-

corn gluten meal contains rich amino acids and natural pigments-lutein, is an important feed raw material, especially in chicken feed is widely used. Because of this, market on a variety of fake corn gluten meal flooding, and most of the feed factory detection conditions are limited, can not be batch detection of lutein and amino acids, usually only by appearance, moisture, crude protein and other three indicators to determine the quality of good or bad, let these fake and shoddy products drilled loopholes, counterfeiting fake phenomenon increasingly serious Directly affect the quality of the feed.

put about 5g of the sample into the Beaker, add 50ml water, stirring a moment, and then slowly add 10ml hydrochloric (1+3), such as the sample surface into red, and then slowly add sodium hydroxide (30%) 10-15ml, red to yellow, then this sample is a fake product. This is because a protein in the synthesis of the dye with the mixed reaction, to create a new substance, which under the action of acid or alkali, the molecule has a rearrangement phenomenon, the resulting isomers in the acid-base in different colors. The real pure Corn gluten powder at room temperature and acid-base effect, the appearance of no obvious changes.