How To Use Corn Gluten Meal For Weed Control

- Nov 08, 2019-

Zouping juci corn biotechnology co., LTD. Is committed to the processing and production of corn deep processing products, the main products are Corn Steep Liquor Powder and Corn Gluten Meal.Today, we are going to talk about Corn Gluten Meal, how to control the growth of weeds:


Corn Gluten Meal can be used as a pre-bud herbicide and inhibit the growth of weeds.The timing of germination depends on soil and temperature and the type of weed involved, so it's important to use Corn Gluten Meal at the right time.

The best time to apply corn gluten meal depends on what types of weeds you’re trying to control.

(1)If you’re trying to prevent summer annual weeds whose seeds germinate in the spring, such as crabgrass, purslane, prostrate spurge, and pigweed, corn gluten meal is typically applied to lawns and gardens in the early spring, when the soil temperature reaches about 50 degrees F four inches beneath the surface (which is usually around the same time the forsythia are mid-bloom and the redbud trees start to flower).


(2)If you’re trying to prevent winter annual weeds whose seeds germinate in the late summer or fall, such as bittercress, deadnettle, henbit and chickweed or perennial weeds whose seeds germinate in fall, apply the corn gluten meal in the late summer, as soon as daytime temperatures start to wane (here in Pennsylvania, that’s typically around the first week of September).


(3)The best weed control is obtained when applying the corn gluten meal twice a year, once in the spring and again in the early autumn.

(4)The more diligent you are when using these products the better. Each year you use them, the results are greatly improved. A study at Iowa State found that a huge reduction in weeds occurs with two to three years of use. Five years of use often results in 100% control of new weed seed germination.