How To Make The Quality Of Corn Steep liquor Powder More Stable?

- Feb 03, 2020-


Corn steep liquor powder is made from fresh corn through instant heating and spray drying, which maintains all the characteristics of the corn slurry original liquid. It is a substitute for liquid corn slurry and can be widely used in the production of fertilizer, feed, fermentation.

For corn syrup with high viscosity and high sugar content, traditional drying methods are not feasible. The current popular method is spray drying. There are mainly two drying processes: high temperature dusting and ultra low temperature dusting. The former has low processing cost but is easy to cause coking and carbonization of protein or free amino acids, while the latter does not damage corn pulp although the processing cost is high. The quality of the ingredients is stable and controllable, which can ensure the stability and reproducibility of users' biological fermentation. And our factory adopts the low temperature powder spray drying technology.

The quality of csl powder is stable. It needs to remove impurities and wash the surface of corn before soaking. The soaking solution is filtered before concentration to remove insoluble impurities. The four-effect evaporation concentration method has shorter heating time and less damage to active ingredients than the single-effect and double-effect concentration equipment. Filtered before drying, part of the coking impurities are removed, and low temperature spray drying is adopted, and the product has no coking phenomenon.