How To Make The Fermentation Process More Optimized And The Fermentation Result More Stable?

- Mar 02, 2019-

This is because corn steep liquor is not uniform, has poor stability, and is very easy to precipitate. In summer, it is more likely to become deformed by bacteria, which results in the loss or shortage of effective ingredients, thus affecting the stability of fermentation. Therefore, large fermentation enterprises leading in microorganism technology (especially some technologically advanced manufacturers of antibiotics and enzymes) have changed to the latest generation product, corn steep powder, which is a refined type of "high-nitrogen" corn steep powder used in microorganism fermentation. This type has great advantages, and its protein content can be as high as 50%:

Refined corn steep powder with high nitrogen used in microbiological fermentation

Corn steep powder for fermentation (high nitrogen)

CAS NO.: 66071-94-1

Prominent advantages:

It is a traditional  corn steep liquor the latest generation of products, its characteristic is: to adopt new technology of corn steep liquor for removing impurity, powder spraying, causing no proteins or free amino acids of coking and coking phenomenon, does not destroy corn steep liquor of the original composition; The internal quality of corn steep powder is more stable and controllable than that of corn steep liquor, which makes it possible to keep the stability and reproducibility of biological fermentation.


Product description:

It is a powder solid that is made of low temperature spray drying, so it is easy to transport, store and use. In addition, the product is not easy to deteriorate in the dry state, and the components are stable and uniform, so that when the fermenter uses it for fermentation production, fermentation reproducibility is good (that is, the fermentation yield and quality of the products produced by the user are stable and reproducible).


This liquor is inconvenient to transport, store and use. Moreover, in the presence of water, protein, growth factor and trace elements in corn steep liquor are very likely to deteriorate due to fermentation caused by bacteria in the air when the temperature is high in summer and autumn, which will consume or destroy the useful internal ingredients, thus affecting the fermentation effect of customers.


Product advantages:

The protein content of corn steep powder was higher than that of similar products: the protein content was more than 45.0%, up to 50.0%.

Use of refined high-nitrogen corn steep powder:

Are widely used in antimicrobial (aureomycin, gentamycin, penicillin, spectinomycin, erythromycin, etc.), vitamins (VC, VB2, etc.), amino acid, tryptophan, monosodium glutamate, lysine, threonine, phenylalanine, etc.), enzyme preparations, amylase, saccharifying enzyme, dehydrogenase, etc.), biological preservatives (lactic streptococcus element), organic acids (hyaluronic acid), and other biological engineering in fermentation industry, in the process of microbial fermentation is used as water-soluble plant protein source of nitrogen and organic phosphorus and water soluble vitamins such as nutrient supplements.