Future Development Trend Of Organic Fertilizer

- Apr 01, 2020-

Soil is a country's most important natural resource, but with the long-term use of chemical fertilizers, the soil's basic fertility is gradually weakening, and the weakening of soil basic fertility has become an important limiting factor affecting China's sustainable agricultural development and high and stable crop yields.

With the obvious improvement of people's awareness of environmental pollution and recycling of soil layers, traditional organic fertilizers can no longer meet the needs of current agricultural development. In order to realize the sustainable development concept of agricultural products, it is urgent to develop high-efficiency and environmental-friendly fertilizers.

First, the application of pure natural organic fertilizer is an important way to improve soil foundation fertility and improve the quality of agricultural products. The original intention of the development and production of organic fertilizers is to combine the advantages of organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. It not only helps to increase crop yield, but also fertilizes the soil, regulates the soil microecological balance, reduces the amount of inorganic fertilizers, and fundamentally improves the quality of agricultural products. The direction of sustainable agricultural development and green agricultural production in China.

Secondly, the production of organic fertilizer is an important means for the utilization of agricultural waste resources. The agricultural and animal husbandry production wastes are rich in trace elements and organic chemical nutrients essential for crop growth. They are comprehensively utilized to make organic fertilizers, and the organic compounds must be elementized and humified through the action of microbial species. And harmless treatment for the absorption and utilization of crops, not only can reduce the pressure on the environment from agricultural and animal husbandry waste, but also can make use of the waste and obtain certain economic benefits.


The raw material of the product produced by Juci Corn: corn steep liquor, which is a waste during the deep processing of corn, is directly discharged and discarded, which not only causes environmental pollution but also wastes resources. Therefore, in order to actively promote the comprehensive utilization of waste materials in the agricultural and animal husbandry production process, so as to turn it into profit and waste utilization, the JUCI plant has repeatedly tested corn steep liquor and tested indicators, and agreed that corn steep liquor can not only be used Feed, organic fertilizer, can also be used for fermentation, aquatic products, sewage treatment, oil extraction and so on. Open up a sustainable development path with "agricultural waste-organic fertilizer-crop" as the recycling model. Especially as organic fertilizer, it is widely used and has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.

In summary, organic fertilizer, as an efficient and pollution-free environment-friendly product, is an inevitable choice for sustainable agricultural development.