Fertilization Method For Compound Amino Acids Powder Water Soluble Fertilizer

- Jul 27, 2019-

With the continuous development of science, more and more new products have been developed and applied to modern production clocks. Since the introduction of compound amino acid powder water-soluble fertilizers into the market, they have been trusted by the majority of users and become the first choice for many farmers' friends. The following are several ways to use amino acid water soluble fertilizer.

1. Soil watering

When watering the soil or irrigating, simply mix the amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer in the irrigation water, so that the roots of the plant can be fully exposed to the fertilizer.


2, Foliar fertilization

The amino acid water-soluble fertilizer is diluted and dissolved in water and then sprayed on the foliar surface, or dissolved in water with non-alkaline pesticides (most of the pesticides are non-alkaline) for foliar application, which can greatly improve the fertilizer absorption of crops. The use of efficiency, while also saving the transportation time of crop nutrients inside the plant, is more effective.


3. Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless culture

Large-scale planting farms, or areas with water shortages, and high-quality, high-value-added cash crop plantations can be planted by drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and soilless cultivation. When watering and fertilizing, the amino acid water soluble fertilizer is dissolved in water. In this way, it not only supplements crop moisture but also provides nutrients necessary for crop growth, and truly achieves “water and fertilizer integration”, which saves water, saves fertilizer and saves labor.