CSL Powder-NPK Fertilizer

- Jul 11, 2020-

QT3A5362 拷贝

CSL powder-npk is the most powerful soil organic fertilizer for agricultural soil. It has active ingredients of nutrients, which are essential for improving soil fertility and productivity in the most balanced way.

The macro and micro nutrients in CSL powder-npk are so integrated that they can effectively interact to provide and enrich the nutrient foundation of the soil in the most effective way, while being the most economical. Therefore, in addition to supplementing the soil and providing crops with large amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, CSL powder-NPK also enriches the soil with essential micronutrients and calcium.

In addition, CSL powder-npk will also increase the content of organic matter in the soil and the main and secondary nutrients, and these nutrients are also based on npk organic matter. The interaction of nutrients in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium allows the soil and various nutrients to fuse together in a shorter period of time, and their effects last longer, thereby directly benefiting the standing crop. By making optimal use of these nutrients in the soil, the crop productivity of the plots treated with NPK is greatly improved, which is reflected in the high yield and high quality of the crops. Therefore, the role of CSL powder-npk in stabilizing and enhancing soil nutrient status, thereby improving crop productivity is unique. And it contains the best minerals and organic matter needed by the plants, which will provide your farm with the best taste and best harvesting results, and keep the soil in the best condition.

Can be used with any irrigation system, drip irrigation, sprinklers, foliage, etc.