Coronavirus Bulletin

- Feb 25, 2020-

JUCI Takes Appropriate Measures Against Coronavirus Epidemic (2019-nCoV)

In order to ensure the health and safety of employees and provide the best service to customers, JUCI has always taken appropriate measures to ensure the smooth progress of work.

The main measures implemented:

1. A "health and safety" system for our employees, specifying the health measures to be implemented:

• Increase awareness of “obstacles” to limit the risk of virus transmission and protect our employees at their workplace.

• Strengthen on-site maintenance and cleaning operations: Provide non-proliferation materials (disinfectant, disposable handkerchiefs, surface cleaning materials, etc.) to areas of factories and offices.

• Personal monitoring of employees who find themselves at risk.

2. Risk management related to national and international flows and conferences:

• Restrict travel and eliminate "non-critical" travel. So the employees are need to support teleconferences and videoconferences. Discuss with relevant managers to implement remote office solutions.

• Suspend flights to dangerous countries and regions, and provide personal support for people in transit

• Limit or postpone "non-critical" meetings and training, and postpone internal or external events.

3. Support for logistics participants:

• Our customers: ensure close commercial and logistical support and minimize or compensate for any impact

• Our carrier: Control based on information-adjust route if necessary

JUCI operation

JUCI's industrial operations are not directly affected by the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. As of now, the factory is operating normally. Under the current production conditions, JUCI will not cause production interruption. Export operations continue as usual.