Global Corn Steep Liquor Market Outlook

- Dec 26, 2018-

Global Corn Steep Liquor Market Outlook: Owing to the rise in demand for feed products, in 2017, the global feed production exceeded more than 1 billion tons expected to grow at a significant rate in terms of volume sales. Over the last five years, the feed industry has been growing at a significant rate in terms of volume sales around the globe which is attributable to the higher consumption rate of meat, milk, and eggs resulting in increased feed production for the pig and broiler industries as well as the dairy industry. Over the past two decades, the feed industry has evolved in terms of its product offerings featuring comparatively higher nutritional value in order to deliver high efficiency for all kind of animals. Corn Steep Liquor is one such feed ingredient gaining traction in the feed industry due to its unique features facilitating positive results i.e. in terms of quality. Corn Steep Liquor is the by-products corn wet milling consisting various important components such as soluble proteins, amino acids, 77 carbohydrates, organic acids (e.g., lactic acid), vitamins, and minerals.

Industrialization of Dairy, Meat and Processed Food Industry is driving demand for Animal Nutrition: Due to the continuous evolution of feed products, corn steep liquor has been triggering growth in terms of volume sales in major parts of the world. Corn steep liquor is widely being used as complete feeds for dairy, poultry, swine and pet foods sectors. Corn steep liquor is considered as an excellent source of rumen degradable protein for cattle, goats, and sheep. Whereas for swine, corn steep liquor benefits the health of animal’s intestinal tract. Besides the feed industry, corn steep liquor also finds itself large-scale application in the production of acetic acid, food acids as well as in fermentation process. Corn steep liquor is also being used in the pharmaceutical industry in the production of intravenous solutions and drugs specifically antibiotics (penicillin).

Corn Steep Liquor Market Segementation By Nature – Organic, Conventional; By Form – Liquid & concentrates, Powder; By end user – Pharmaceutical Industry, Feed Industry(Ruminants, Poultry, Swine, Aqua, Pets), Others

Global Corn Steep Liquor Market: Key Takeaway: The U.S. has been considered as the major consumers of corn products which higher rate of corn milling production occurring in the country. Due to the rise in consumption of corn products in the U.S. provides a critical opportunity for global corn steep liquor market to grow in terms of value sales.