Corn Gluten Meal As Chicken Feed

- Jul 18, 2018-

The egg-laying rate was increased by 15% with Corn Gluten meal. It can prevent and cure the cartilage disease of chicken and other diseases, promote the growth of health care, and improve the quality of egg protein.

The broiler itself can not synthesize lutein, can only be obtained from the feed, to obtain the ideal skin color, is generally in the broiler feed add Bengkalis red, Galiso and other chemical synthetic coloring agent, this kind of coloring agent price higher, add the feed cost, and residue in the animal body. Corn protein powder leaf yellow content up to 90-180mg/kg, is more than 5 times times of yellow corn, can effectively be absorbed, can make the egg is golden yellow, can make chicken skin yellowish. The price of corn protein powder is close to the price of soybean cake, in view of this, can use corn protein powder and the reaction of the chemical synthesis of the coloring agent to improve the color of broiler.