Are Fertilizer Additives And Fertilizer Synergists The Same Thing?

- May 15, 2020-

Are fertilizer additives and fertilizer synergists the same thing?


We all know that a fertilizer additive is a chemical that can improve fertilizer performance, decompose residual pesticides, promote fertilizer efficacy, nitrate, and improve the soil environment. Fertilizer additives mainly include modifiers, synergists, soil conditioners, soil conditioners, growth regulators, and functional additives. Many friends may confuse fertilizer additives with fertilizer additives. In fact, fertilizer synergists are a type of fertilizer additive.

Fertilizer synergist refers to a class of active substances whose purpose is to increase the effectiveness of nutrients. It can increase the supply of nutrients to crops through nitrogen and activate the difficult potassium and phosphorus elements in the soil, and play a certain role in regulating plant physiological functions. There are many types of fertilizer synergists, which can be divided into nitrification inhibitors, urease inhibitors, nutrient activators, and water-retaining agents. It is usually added to conventional fertilizers, which can properly reduce the amount of fertilizer application and improve fertilizer utilization.

Fertilizer synergist has the effect of promoting nutrient availability and nutrient utilization under certain conditions, but this effect is limited and can be combined with fertilization. Without fertilizer synergist, high and stable crop yield cannot be achieved.