Approved Legal Uses Of Corn Steep Liquor Powder In Feed

- Feb 14, 2019-

The Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc. (AAFCO) has listed corn step liquor as a livestock

feed ingredient.

The following is quoted directly from the AAFCO homepage.

“The purpose of the corporation shall be to establish and maintain an Association through which officials of any state, dominion, federal or other governmental agency and employees thereof charged with a responsibility in enforcing the laws regulating the production, labeling, distribution, or sale of animal feeds or livestock remedies may unite to explore the problems encountered in administering such laws, to develop just and equitable standards, definitions and policies to be followed in enforcing such laws, to promote uniformity in such laws, regulations and enforcement policies, and to cooperate with members of the industry producing such products in order to promote the effectiveness and usefulness of such products.”