Application Of Corn Steep Liquor Powder

- Oct 04, 2019-


  Corn steep liquor powder is commonly used as a natural organic compound fertilizer fertilizer because:

1. Nitrogen helps plants produce the proteins needed to produce new tissues. In nature, nitrogen is usually in short supply, so plants have evolved to absorb as much nitrogen as possible, even if it means not absorbing other essential elements. If there is enough nitrogen, the plant may grow abundant leaves, but it will not produce fruit or flowers. In fact, growth can be hampered because plants cannot absorb enough of the other desired elements.

   2. Phosphorus stimulates root growth, helps plants to fix buds and flowers, enhances vitality, and increases seed size. It is achieved by helping to transfer energy from one part of the plant to another. In order to absorb phosphorus, most plants require a soil pH of 6.5 to 6.8. The activities of organic matter and soil organisms also increase the availability of phosphorus.

   3. Potassium increases the overall vitality of the plant. It helps plants produce carbohydrates and provide disease resistance. It also helps regulate metabolic activity.