three stages of corn maturity and identification methods

- Sep 01, 2018-

The maturity of corn needs to go through three stages: milk ripening, wax ripening and ripening.

A look at the location of the milk line: the order of corn grain filling is: the middle of the ear is faster than the lower part, and faster than the upper part. From a grain: from the grain to the base to enrich. In the process of filling and filling, the deep line from the top of the grain to the base can be seen from the back of the grain embryo, and there is a clear boundary line called milk line. It has been observed and determined that when the milk line is at a position one third from the top, the 1000-grain weight is 299 g, which is 90.9% of the grain weight at maturity; when the milk line is at one-half of the grain, the 1000-grain weight is 323 g. It is equivalent to 98.9% at maturity; when the milk line is at the base and disappears, the 1000-grain weight is 329 grams, reaching a maximum.

Second, look at the number of green leaves: According to the investigation, when the leaves of the ear are yellow and yellow, there are still 7-8 green leaves in the upper part of the plant. The 1000-grain weight is 318 grams, which is equivalent to 92.9% of the weight of the ripening; The plant is harvested with about 5 green leaves. The 1000-grain weight is 333 g, which is 98.8% of the grain weight at maturity. When the ear leaves are yellow and loose, the plant harvests only 1-2 green leaves, and the highest 1000-grain weight is 345 g. .

Third, the grouting time: from the corn staging harvest results: 50 days after pollination, the maximum 1000-grain weight is 344 g; 45 days after pollination, 1000-grain weight is 3369 g, equivalent to 98.8% at maturity; 40 days after pollination, 1000-grain weight It was 313 g, which was equivalent to 90.9% of maturity; after 50 days of pollination, the grain weight began to decrease due to respiratory consumption. After 55 days of pollination, the 1000-grain weight was 336 g, a decrease of 1.8%.