The reason of stable quality of dry corn steep liquor

- Jul 18, 2018-

1, after the corn soaked in addition to impurities, washing, corn surface impurities place. 

2, corn immersion in the concentration before the filtration, will be insoluble impurity places. 3, the use of four-effect evaporation concentration, compared to the use of single effect and concentration of dual-effect concentrated solution of the heating time is short, effective components less damage.  

4, before drying through filtration, some of the coking impurities to the place, the use of low-temperature spray drying, product no coking phenomenon, the active ingredient has not been destroyed.  

5, before the factory by crushing treatment, easy to use, water soluble fast, can dissolve completely. 

6, the use of three-layer packaging, the outer bag for the film woven bags, with two layers of plastic bags, in the storage period will not occur absorption phenomenon, 

7, storage period is not easy to agglomerate (summer temperature is high when easy caking).