The main role and function of amino acids in crop growth

- Jul 28, 2019-

Different amino acids have different physiological functions on crops, but they are synergistic. Various amino acids play the following roles in plant growth:

Alanine: increase the synthesis of chlorophyll, regulate open stomata, and have a resistance to pathogens;

Arginine: enhances root development and is a precursor of plant endogenous hormone polyamine synthesis, which enhances the ability of crops to resist salt stress;

Aspartic acid: improve seed germination, protein synthesis, and the growth pressure of nitrogen over a period;

Cysteine: sulfur containing amino acids that maintain cellular function and act as antioxidants;

Glutamate: Reduce nitrate content in crops; increase seed germination, promote leaf photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll biosynthesis

Glycine: It has a unique effect on photosynthesis of crops, which is conducive to crop growth, increasing sugar content of crops, natural metal chelating agents;

Histidine: regulates stomatal opening and provides a precursor of carbon skeleton hormone, a catalytic enzyme for cytokinin synthesis;

Isoleucine and leucine: a precursor substance that enhances resistance to salt stress, enhances pollen vigor and germination, and aroma;

Lysine: enhances chlorophyll synthesis and increases drought tolerance;

Methionine: a precursor of the plant endogenous hormone ethylene and polyamine synthesis;

Phenylalanine: a precursor substance that promotes the synthesis of lignin and anthocyanin synthesis;

Proline: increase plant tolerance to osmotic stress, increase plant stress resistance and pollen vigor;

Serine: participate in cell tissue differentiation and promote germination;

Threonine: Improve tolerance and insect pest damage, and improve humification process;

Tryptophan: a precursor of endogenous hormone auxin indole acetic acid synthesis to enhance the synthesis of aromatic compounds;

Tyrosine: increase drought tolerance and increase pollen germination;

Proline: Improve seed germination rate and improve crop flavor.