The future of fertilizer industry

- Jul 18, 2018-

The macro-economic environment such as raw material rising, energy shortage, high logistics cost and continuous increase of inflationary pressure has become the public enemy restricting the development of China's manufacturing industry, but the chemical fertilizer profession has its particularity, seasonal strong, the circulation is poor, the retreat mechanism lacks and so on industrial structure unreasonable situation existence. Although the market adjustment mechanism played an important role, but China's agricultural protection policy to suppress the increase in agricultural materials such as fertilizer, fertilizer production enterprises, raw material price subsidy policy and the lack of fertilizer extension policy, fertilizer production in the long-term loss, and rely on high pollution, high emissions, high waste, The inefficient mode of production is the high cost of fertilizer enterprises and the gradual contraction of profits, along with the acceleration of China's internationalization process, the level of business management has become a limiting factor in the competitiveness of Chinese fertilizer enterprises.