The development of fertilizer industry

- Jul 18, 2018-

Since 2006, the industrial output value of China's fertilizer industry has been increasing overall. Among them, 2009 was affected by the financial crisis, fertilizer market demand declined, fertilizer industry capacity reduction, the total annual industrial output value of 393.879 billion yuan, down 6.96%; since 2010, the fertilizer market has obviously warmed up, the industry operating rate has risen markedly, Total industrial output was 506.813 billion yuan a year, an increase of 28.67%.

The industrial output of China's fertilizer industry reached 719.225 billion yuan in 2011. China's fertilizer industry, "Twelve-Five" development focus has been preliminarily identified, including enterprise integration and restructuring will become the most important. Plan to the end of the "Twelve-Five", the number of nitrogenous fertilizer enterprises reduced to 200 below, the number of phosphate enterprises reduced to 150 below. projections,  "Twelve-Five" and 2020 years ago, fertilizer demand will also have a small increase, according to the grain self-sufficiency rate of 98%, estimated 2015 fertilizer demand of about 51 million tons, 2020 about 53 million tons, the domestic fertilizer industry in the next 5 years of production and product structure objectives are: nitrogen, phosphate self-sufficiency rate to maintain 110% -120%, potash self-sufficiency rate of more than 60%, high concentration of fertilizer to maintain a reasonable proportion.