The Characteristics of organic fertilizers

- Oct 31, 2018-


organic fertilizers have a complete range of nutrients, which can improve soil and improve soil compaction caused by the use of chemical fertilizers. Improve soil physical and chemical properties, enhance soil water retention, fertilizer retention, and fertilizer supply. The beneficial microorganisms in the bio-organic fertilizer enter the soil and form a mutual symbiotic relationship with the microorganisms in the soil, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and transform them into beneficial bacteria, interact and promote each other, and play a synergistic role for the population. The process produces a large number of metabolites, which promote the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, and can directly or indirectly provide crops with a variety of nutrients and stimulating substances to promote and regulate crop growth. Improve soil porosity, permeability and plant survival, increase beneficial bacteria and soil microorganisms and populations. At the same time, the beneficial bacteria formed in the root system of crops can inhibit the proliferation of harmful pathogens, enhance the ability of crops to resist stress and disease, and reduce the disease index of heavy crops. The continuous application can greatly alleviate the continuous cropping obstacles. It is an environmentally friendly fertilizer to reduce environmental pollution and is safe for humans, animals, and the environment.


In the past, our "old farmer" had a mantra: "The land is not on the dung, it is all mixed," "a crop of flowers, all rely on fat to become a master." Later, due to the impact of chemical fertilizers on the market, the amount of farmyard manure was getting less and less, and some were not even used. It is also because the use of fertilizers does have a significant effect on crop yields, and people ignore the use of farmyard manure. More and more chemical fertilizers are used, which eventually leads to soil compaction, poor soil permeability and water retention, decreased soil organic matter, and decreased fertility year after year. The cockroaches that have a fertile effect on the land are gone, the pests and diseases are obviously increased, the soil-borne diseases are getting more and more serious, and the quality of the food is declining. In particular, fruits and vegetables also lose their own flavor.