The advantages of dry corn steep liquor compared with corn pulpcorn steep liquor

- Jul 18, 2018-

The internal quality of dry corn steep liquor  is the same as that of corn pulpcorn steep liquor, but the water content is less (below 10%) because the product is powdery solid, easy to transport, storage and use, the product is not easy to deteriorate, easy to use. The yield and quality of products are stable, and corn pulpcorn steep liquor, because it is liquid barrel packaging, transport, storage and use are inconvenient, because of protein, trace elements high, in a slightly higher temperature is very easy to ferment metamorphism, affecting the use of the effect. The disadvantage is the use of low-temperature spray drying technology, production costs (mainly high energy consumption) higher, for the procurement of corn slurry convenient (from the corn starch production plant near) the fermentation manufacturers are difficult to accept, suitable for the production of corn starch from the origin of the fermentation enterprises.