The acidity and consistency of corn steep liquor

- Jul 18, 2018-

Although the acidity of corn steep liquor is based on hydrochloric acid (HC1) on corn slurry dry matter, but the high acidity is actually high lactic acid content, high acidity most of the inorganic salts are dissolved, easy to evaporate, can be small scale. With regard to the consistency of the corn steep liquor, the characteristics of the corn slurry itself is dense viscous liquid, for the half fluidity, its viscosity and temperature have a great relationship, high temperature viscosity small, easy to transport, generally in the corn steep liquor storage tank pipeline are equipped with steam pipelines, not easy to transport through steam. The method of reducing the viscosity of corn steep liquor can also be taken to increase the clarification time of dilute corn slurry, the corn slurry storage tank is converted to a slope base, with a high and low two discharge ports, and the sediment from the discharging port is sent to feed system, and the clarified dilute corn steep liquor of the discharging port is sent to evaporate; reduce the viscosity also note that impregnated corn can not be too much debris, Avoid starch and crushed corn into the dipping liquid, if the dilute corn starch, evaporation of starch gelatinization will cause corn slurry viscous, corn slurry evaporation temperature should not be too high, or cause protein degeneration. can also affect consistency, if the above methods can not be resolved, can also be steamed corn steep liquor for static placement, if divided into two layers, according to the needs of users, respectively, the high viscosity of the upper layer of corn steep liquor and the lower viscosity of corn steep liquor.