take it from the field and use it in the field

- Apr 26, 2019-

China is a big agricultural country with a long history and a long history. Our company is located in the fertile soil of Shandong Province. The raw materials of the company's products are taken from fresh, organic, non-GMO corn. The product obtained by soaking  steam low temperature drying technology: corn steep liquor powder,can be used as organic agricultural fertilizer. As the saying goes: Take it from the field and use it in the field.

And we have seen our farmers, using our products, and leaking the smile of harvest. I think this is the greatest encouragement to us and our ultimate goal. We are very pleased.

The ancients said: "It’s the sunrise, the day goes by, the sinking and drinking, the farming and the food." It describes the people in the country who hit the soil and praised the peace and prosperity. The poet Li Wei of the Tang Dynasty wrote "When the day of the Wohe Day, the sweat dripped down the soil, who knows the Chinese food, the grain is hard." It reflects the hardships of the peasants. China's tens of thousands of years of sustainable agricultural history have created a traditional culture that is long-lasting and long-lasting. And we should continue this culture.