Reasons of the large use of corn steep liquor powder

- Feb 26, 2020-


As one of the new biological raw material products, corn steep liquor powder has gradually been widely used, and many biological production companies have replaced it with the original additives. Let's look at the reasons below.

Corn is an important food crop in China. In recent years, corn harvests have been bumper, corn stocks have increased, and corn deep-processing companies have also increased. Corn deep processing mainly produces corn starch products and other derivatives. During the deep processing of corn, a large number of by-products are generated, such as corn steep liquor rich in water-soluble protein. Direct discharge of corn steep liquor can cause environmental pollution problems. Therefore, our JUCI plant concentrates the corn steep liquor and turns it into a dry corn slurry dry powder. It is mainly used as a nutrient source for microbial fermentation, concentrated and added to feed as a nitrogen source; plant protein flavoring is produced by microorganisms and enzymatic decomposition; plant growth agents and other uses.

However, with the further study of csl powder and the detection of relevant data and customer feedback, we have reached the following conclusions:

1. It can be used as a review fertilizer additive, which can be applied alone or mixed with other granular or liquid fertilizers for chelation;

2. Can be used as aquatic feed. Note that as aquatic feed, it can only be added and cannot be applied alone. Long-term use can also purify water resources;

3. Can be used as industry. For example oil.

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