Organic Fertilizers Good,Synthetic Fertilizers Bad,

- Jan 11, 2019-

While “synthetic fertilizers” may sound innocuous, they’re not. Synthetic fertilizers are man-made, inorganic fertilizers that are typically derived from the by-products of the petroleum industry. The use of synthetic fertilizers is said to be a key contributor to “dead zones” that occur in our oceans. These are areas where there isn’t enough oxygen to sustain life. You can see the ocean dead zones, more than 500 of them, represented on the below map in the form of red circles:


The biggest dead zone in the world was only recently discovered in the Gulf of Oman – in fact, it pretty much is the entire Gulf of Oman, an area that’s around the same size as the State of Florida. That problem is directly caused by the synthetic nitrogen fertilizers that are used to produce half of our global food supply. In other words, there won’t be any line-caught sustainable sea bass on the menu for Sunday brunch if this keeps up.