Organic fertilizers feed plants, enrich soil

- Feb 13, 2019-

In gardening, whether you’re talking about pest control or fertilization, “organic” generally means natural. The word “organic” refers to “organic matter,” the linchpin of organic gardening and, traditionally at least, all good gardening. “Organic matter” is material derived from what is or was once living.

Plants are most hungry for three nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium — and organic fertilizers can supply them just as synthetic (chemical) fertilizers can.

Let’s begin with nitrogen, because it’s the nutrient needed in greatest amounts and the one most readily lost from the soil.The richest organic sources of nitrogen are manures, ground-up animal parts (blood meal, feather dust, leather dust) and seed meals (corn extract, cottonseed meal). 

And the composition of nitrogen of JUCI corn steep liquor powder is about 7%,  and can offer a balance of all three major nutrients.