Organic fertilizer,know how much

- Apr 29, 2019-


Organic fertilizers are also known as "farm fertilizers." Organic matter (a compound containing carbon) is used as a fertilizer, and is called an organic fertilizer. Including manure, compost, green manure, cake fertilizer, biogas fertilizer, etc. It has many characteristics, such as wide variety, wide source and long fertilizer efficiency. The nutrients contained in organic fertilizers are mostly in an organic state, and crops are difficult to directly use. Through the action of microorganisms, various nutrients are slowly released, and nutrients are continuously supplied to crops. The application of organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, effectively coordinate the water, fertilizer, gas and heat in the soil, and improve soil fertility and land productivity.

Due to the increasing level of modernization of agricultural agriculture, organic food has received more and more attention. The emphasis is on ecological agriculture. Because only ecological agriculture can produce ecological food. In this respect, the state has invested a lot of support in both the strength of national policy support and the actual actions. The wide application of organic fertilizers we know now is a best illustration. It can be said that organic fertilizer will gradually replace other fertilizers and become an essential fertilizer for crop growth.

In the production of organic fertilizer, it has received strong support from many experts. At the same time, on the equipment, it has also received strong support from the state. In many places, there are specialized equipment and production lines for the production of organic fertilizers in order to produce better organic fertilizers. In terms of policy support, many local governments have given a lot of help. In particular, it has received great support in the use of waste and disposal of some discarded daily necessities, because on the one hand, it not only treats domestic garbage, but also reduces environmental pollution, and on the other hand, it turns waste into treasure and produces valuable value. Organic fertilizer. In many places, this is a very good move. Therefore, many local governments will give strong support to the production and use of organic fertilizers, and even some economic subsidies to encourage people to use organic fertilizer.

It can be said that it is the widespread use of organic fertilizer that can gradually transform our agriculture into pollution-free agriculture, so that more organic food, fruits and vegetables can be brought to our table.


With the development of the economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the urban population has proliferated and the city's pollutants are increasing. In fact, urban pollutants can be turned into organic fertilizer through treatment. Organic fertilizer is essential for organic agriculture and ecological agriculture. It can improve soil properties, improve soil fertility, increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, and curb environmental pollution. It is recommended that the government increase investment and design the classification and treatment of urban pollutants in the planning of urban construction, and use this as a new type of industry to treat urban pollutants into organic fertilizers with low prices and convenient transportation, turning waste into treasure. Agricultural service