Main applications of corn steep liquor

- Jul 18, 2018-

First, the fermentation industry: corn steep liquor by acid hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis can get rich amino acid culture medium, as the fermentation enterprise in the production of strain cultivation of amino acid source, economic and nutritional high, so widely used in bio-pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate, amino acid production and other fermentation industries. 

Second, feed industry: corn steep liquor contains free protein, easy to absorb and digest the animals, but the product characteristics of liquid, high acidity, so palatability is poor, not suitable for direct feeding, should be taken to add in the raw materials feeding. In the use of corn syrup can add some straw powder to increase the cellulose content, such as adding in chicken feed, can add some stone powder and shell powder balance ph, increase solids content, improve calcium.