Juci factory introduces the role of amino acids in plants

- May 05, 2020-

Products produced by Juci Factory: corn steep liquor powder, which contains at least 38% of amino acids, below we will introduce the role of amino acids in plants:

Amino acids exist in fertilizers as the smallest molecules that make up proteins. They have the characteristics of being easily absorbed by crops; they also have the function of improving disease resistance of fertilized objects and improving the quality of fertilized crops. Supplement the essential amino acids of plants, stimulate and regulate the rapid growth of plants, promote the growth of plants and promote the absorption of nutrients. Enhance the metabolic function of plants, improve photosynthesis, promote the development of plant roots, accelerate plant growth and reproduction.

1. Early germination and high emergence rate

Application of amino acid humic acid can accelerate the germination of seeds and improve the emergence rate, especially in early spring and low temperature (generally can be germinated 1 to 3 days earlier, the emergence rate increased by 10 to 30%).

2. Developed root system and strong absorption

Amino acids have a special promotion effect on the root development of crops. Many agricultural personnel call amino acids "root fertilizers". The impact on the root system is mainly manifested in stimulating the division and growth of meristem cells at the root end and making the seedlings take root quickly Increased secondary roots, increased root volume, and root elongation, leading to a greatly enhanced crop's ability to absorb moisture and nutrients


3. The impact on the growth of some vegetative bodies on the ground

On the basis of sufficient nutrient supply, the stimulating effect of amino acids can make the vegetative parts of the plant above ground grow vigorously, which is manifested in plant height, stem thickness, leaf number, dry matter accumulation, etc.

4. Impact on output and constituent factors

Amino acids have different yields and constituent factors for different crops. They can increase the yield of grain crops, with more ears, more grains, and 1000-grain weights. They have a good effect on tillering and reducing emptying rate in the early stage.

5. Impact on crop physiological metabolism and enzyme activity

After the amino acid enters the plant body, it stimulates the plant, which is mainly manifested in the increase of breathing intensity, the increase of photosynthesis, and the enhancement of the activities of various enzymes, so that the fruit can be colored and ripened in advance, achieving high yield and increasing output value.