How to store corn steep liquor powder

- Apr 20, 2020-

The inherent quality of corn steep liquor powder is the same as that of corn steep liquor, except that the moisture content is low, because the main powdery solid product is easy to transport, store and use, and the product is not easily deteriorated and fragile. Easy to use. How to store corn steep liquor powder?

The yield and quality of corn steep liquor powder is stable. Corn steep liquor is a commonly used organic nitrogen source in the growth of microorganisms and can also promote the biosynthesis of antibiotics (such as penicillin). However, since the corn syrup stock solution is packed in a liquid drum, it is not convenient for transportation, storage and use. Due to the high content of protein and trace elements, when the temperature is slightly higher, it is easy to ferment and deteriorate, affecting the use. So made csl powder. It is an ideal source of Organic Fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer or liquid fertilizer for foliar or dripping.

The following are the precautions for storage of corn steep liquor powder prepared by Juci Corn Bio:
1. Store the cornstarch dry powder away from direct sunlight.
2. The storage of csl powder should be waterproof, moisture-proof and high-temperature-proof.
3. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the temperature and storage temperature of the corn starch dry powder should be controlled within 5 ℃ -30 ℃; take the necessary thermal insulation measures for the corn starch dry powder. When the ambient temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the corn steep liquor powder takes the necessary cooling measures.