Four reasons why fish do not eat fish food

- Jul 03, 2019-

There are many reasons for "having fish instead of bait" and there are many solutions, but some novice fishermen are still confused. I don't know how to deal with such fish. In fact, the solution is also very simple, as long as the reasons are analyzed, the solution will naturally be there! So sometimes there are fish and no bait, which may be the four reasons:


1, Too much nesting

Although "want to catch more, you must first fight the nest", but the nest is not blindly feeding the fish, many novices in the nest, regardless of the size of the water, regardless of the season changes, as long as the big fish have to fight big nest. In fact, if the litter is used in too many times, it will inevitably lead to the death of the nest or the fact that there is no fish to eat the bait. Because during the fishing process, there are still many nests in the fishing spot to eat, why should the fish take risks? Eat the bait on your two hooks? Therefore, the fight for fish should follow the principle of “less work and less compensation”.

2, The bait taste is too strong

In addition, there is a fish that does not eat bait. It may be that the taste of the bait is wrong. Many fishing friends always think that it is “summer autumn fragrance” when it is used with bait. In the autumn, it should always use a strong bait, and the more fragrant the bait is, the better. In fact, this will also be self-defeating, because if the bait is too heavy, the fish will certainly be more vigilant, resulting in the phenomenon that fish do not eat bait.


3, Floating drift fishing is wrong

In fact, when you encounter the situation that "there is no fish to eat bait", in addition to the use of bait, you can also consider the condition of the bottom of the water. It may be that the bait is in the layer of the sauce, and the fish can only smell the smell of the bait, but it does not eat. Feeding, so if the fishing friend chooses to catch the bottom fishing, the fish does not eat bait is also normal. The solution is very simple, directly to find the buoyancy of the buoyancy, or to reduce a certain amount of lead skin, mainly to catch the semi-water.

4, Throw the pole full and cause

Finally, there is a possibility that there is a fish without mouth, especially when the front is pumping, one shot is far away, causing the fish to lure outside the nest, and the farther the fish. Therefore, when fishing friends are fishing for large-scale fish species, it is best not to throw them all over, just throw an eight-point yo!