Corn steep liquor powder is increasingly used in large quantities

- Jun 26, 2020-

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As one of the new fertilizer raw material products, corn steep liquor powder is gradually being widely used, and many fertilizer companies have used it to replace the original additives. It is only widely used because:

Corn is an important food crop in China. In recent years, corn harvests have been bumper, corn stocks have increased, and corn deep-processing companies have also increased. Corn deep processing mainly produces corn starch products and other derivatives. During the deep processing of corn, a large amount of by-products are produced, such as corn steep liquor rich in water-soluble protein. The direct discharge of corn steep liquor will cause environmental pollution problems. Therefore, the corn processing plant concentrates the corn steep liquor and turns it into a dry powder of corn steep liquor. It is mainly used as a nutrient source for microbial fermentation, concentrated and added as a nitrogen source to feed; plant protein seasoning is produced by microbial and enzymatic decomposition; plant growth regulator, soil conditioners and other uses.

Corn steep liquor powder is rich in nutrients, is an important organic fertilizer/organic nutrition supplement for organic agriculture, and its price is much cheaper than other organic fertilizers, so it is an ideal competitor for organic fertilizers. In addition to its rich nutrients, corn syrup has an advantage over other chemical fertilizers in the nitrogen content that plants can easily absorb. The free nitrogen content, coupled with the rich amino acid characteristics of corn steep liquor, makes it an organic fertilizer that is very suitable for organic farming practices.

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