Corn steep liquor powder explains the use of aquatic feed additives

- Apr 12, 2020-

The application of feed additives in aquaculture is reflected in two aspects: bait and water purification. Feed additives can improve the micro-ecological balance of aquatic animals, promote growth and development, play a role in preventing diseases and improving production performance. Probiotics can be colonized in the intestines of fish to promote the growth and development of fish and improve disease resistance. Feed additives can reduce the incidence of prawns and increase survival rate and yield.

Feed additives can be used as immune stimulants and adjuvants for aquatic animals, promote the development of immune organs, improve humoral immunity, and improve immune function. This effect has been verified in many aquatic animals. Photosynthetic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, etc. in feed additives can consume organic matter in the water body and remove ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous nitrogen, etc. It is an important beneficial microorganism currently used to improve the aquaculture environment. Good application results are obtained in breeding.