Can organic and chemical fertilizers be mixed?

- Apr 09, 2020-


For a long time, we only used chemical fertilizers for farming, which caused many problems in the soil, and it has even threatened our living environment. At present, the hard constraints of agricultural resources and environment are tightening, and adjustment of production methods is imperative.

⑴The fertilizer has high nutrient content and fast fertilizer efficiency, but the duration is short, the nutrients are single, organic fertilizer is just the opposite, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can be mixed and supplemented to meet the needs of nutrients in each growth phase of the crop.

⑵ After the fertilizer is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed or fixed by the soil, reducing the effectiveness of the nutrients. Mixed application with organic fertilizer can reduce the contact surface of chemical fertilizer and soil, reduce the probability of chemical fertilizer being fixed by soil, and improve the effectiveness of nutrients.

(3) Generally, chemical fertilizer has high solubility, which causes higher osmotic pressure on the soil after application, which affects the absorption of nutrients and water by crops and increases the chance of nutrient loss. If mixed with organic fertilizer, it can overcome this drawback and promote the absorption of nutrients and water by crops.

⑷If an acidic fertilizer is applied to alkaline soils alone, after the ammonium is absorbed by the plants, the remaining acid radicals combine with hydrogen ions in the soil to generate acid, which will lead to enhanced acidity and increased soil compaction. If mixed with organic fertilizer, it can improve the buffering capacity of the soil, effectively adjust the pH, so that the acidity of the soil will not increase.

⑸Because organic fertilizer is the energy source for microorganisms, chemical fertilizer is the inorganic nutrient for the growth and development of microorganisms. The combination of the two can promote the vitality of microorganisms, and then promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer. The activities of soil microbes can also produce vitamins, biotin, nicotinic acid, etc., increase soil nutrients, improve soil vitality, and promote the growth of crops.

For organic fertilizer, farmers will not use it, are reluctant to use it, and dare not use it. They can try to apply organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer together.

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